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Vegan wines are rightfully coming to the fore, with more and more producers ensuring their wines are suitable for everyone to enjoy without compromising on quality. We've now made it even easier for our customers to browse our website for Vegan wines with their own section and a guide to help you understand just what constitutes a true vegan-friendly wine. Whether you have a vegan lifestyle or would just like to see if it fits for Veganuary, we select some of our favourites for you to try. 



Many wines will proudly display that they are vegetarian-friendly (the vast majority are), but vegan-friendly status ensures no animal products are used. This has historically been in the fining and filtration of the wine prior to bottling and therefore not obvious, so vegan certification is very important to avoid any confusion. Many vegan wine producers will apply the wider ethos of minimising any negative impact to flora, fauna, climate and earth across their farming and production. The attention to detail of vegan-friendly wines makes them a good staring point for eco-conscious consumers. Our guide can tell you more. 


Many producers are becoming wholly committed to reducing their ecological footprint and, in fact, attempting to help the ecology around their vineyards to thrive and diversify. We pick our favourite current winemakers. 




Altolandon range


Organic and Biodynamic winery Altolandon sits in the centre of its 1100m high altitude vineyards of Manchuela, La Mancha. Certified organic methods are used in vineyards; only natural fertilisers, green pruning and hand-harvesting. Vinification is vegan and as natural as possible with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with native yeasts and little intervention. In-barrel malolactic fermentation, and French oak or clay amphora used for ageing.



Adaras range


Adaras are organic, vegan-friendly wines from the Almansa region, made to represent the best of ecological wine. Adaras harvest from 225 hectares of the Venta La Vega ecological vineyards located at the foothills of the legendary Almansa mountains known as El Mugrón. Abundant water and excellent limestone soils, with a natural micro-climate and altitudes of 1200 metres encourage the creation of vineyards that can be farmed using ecological techniques that do not involve chemical treatments or additives.




Solara range

Solara are a range of natural wines from excellent producers Cramele Recas. They use simple viticulture philosophy; to apply the absolute best production methods to every single wine and to enhance and preserve the natural quality of the grapes very year. Their vineyards are a combination of evolved plantings from 1447 and much more recent plantings, with Solara wines fully organic and vegan certified. 





Toro de Piedra range

The Toro de Piedra range from Vina Requingua specialises in French-Chilean wines and uses grapes from the Curico and Maule Valleys, where the mild Mediterranean-like climate and varied soils offer superb conditions. Winemaking is led by Benoit Fitte, who left his native France to join the winery in 2001. This has resulted in a range of unique vegan-friendly wines that beautifully showcase French traditional and South American grapes blended to perfection.




Chateau Ounsiyat range

Passion and heritage has been passed down through the Bou Sleiman family of Chateau Ounsiyat for four generations. They blend respect for local tradition with modern techniques and respect for ecology to craft contemporary wines, often a fusion of Old World and New World. Vineyards are in the beautiful Bekaa Valley where the altitude, microclimate and soils combine in this ancient terroir to produce fresh wines with a very Mediterranean feel.






Casa Defra range


Classic vegan wines from Casa Defra winery located in the stunning Berici Hills in Vicenza, Veneto. Casa Defra Winery was founded in 1908 and aims to represent the best selection of Berici vine growers. Committed to sustainable viticulture for the past 40 years, they work to limit the use of fertilisers, find natural protection for vineyards, use in-cellar water purification and solar energy, and source greener packaging.



Fabrizio range


Sicily's Fabrizio Vella is a passionate winemaker living and working on the Mediterranean island. Fabrizio Vella’s wines reflect his pride in the island he calls home. His organic and vegan approach alongside careful, natural winemaking creates wines that are fresh, exciting, moreish and true to their Sicilian origin.





Casa Velha range

Casa Velha wines are created by the Adega de Favaios co-operative in the heart of the Douro Valley. The cooperative cares for one another, the Douro environment, and each one of their grapes with passion. They started this association in 1952 and the winery combines new technology with the region's centuries old winemaking traditions, embracing the future by taking care of the past.



Quinta de Cabriz range

The Dao region with its magnificent mountains and unique microclimate is well known for deep, savoury, well structured wines. Quinta de Cabriz present serious wines for vegan-organic lovers that really expresses this unique character with excellent gastronomic potential.


Sao Joao range


Founded in 1920, Caves São João has one of the oldest cellars in Portugal which reflects their history and reputation. In 1930 they began their production of sparkling wines that are respected throughout the world. They now use the most modern winemaking technologies to reach an even higher level of quality and ensure all wines are vegan-friendly.




New Hall range

The prestigious UK Winemaker of the Year Award went to New Hall in 2013, 2015 and 2016 and their highly acclaimed and award-winning wines showcase English Wine at its best. According to parish records, the first vineyards were planted in Purleigh in the Middle Ages, where the vines flourished and supplied The Crown. Fast forward to 1969 and the vineyards at New Hall in Purleigh, Essex were planted by the Greenwood family, making it one of the oldest in the UK and one of the warmest and sunniest spots in the country. 



January 15, 2022

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