This is our way of showing our appreciation. You’ll earn points for activities on our site, like referrals and purchases. You can use them to earn discounts off purchases, so the more you collect the more you save!



You will need a Turton Wines Customer Account to enable TW Rewards. To register for an account click 'Log In' in the top right on a desktop or on a mobile click the burger bar, top left, and 'Log in' is at the bottom.  Click 'Create account' under red 'Sign In' button and create your account. 

Your TW Rewards account will automatically be created.  You can view your TW Rewards by clicking the red 'TW Rewards' button in the bottom right of your screen, but remember you need to be signed into your Turton Wines Customer Account to view your TW rewards account.

To view your TW Rewards points activity, sign into your Turton Wines Customer account, click the red 'TW Rewards' button and then click 'Account' in the right column. 



Log into your Turton Wines Customer Account and click the red 'TW Rewards' button and click 'Earn Points' in the right column, here you will find the following links:

Leave a Product Review

Receive 25 points for each Product Review (max 10 per week).  To leave a review, find the product on our website and scroll down to 'Customer Reviews' and click 'Write a review' and complete your review. Remember to use the same email linked to your Turton Wines Customer Account to receive your points. Points will show in TW Rewards as 'pending' for 7 days before approved to avoid review spamming.

Refer a Friend

Give a friend 10% off their first purchase and earn 500 points when they spend over £50. In the right column click 'Refer Friends' and share the link with your friends

Add your Birthday

Receive 500 Points when its your birthday.  Click 'Happy Birthday' and add your birthday

Sign up to our mailing list

Receive 100 points when you sign up to our mailing list. We are too busy tasting wine to spam your inbox, the most you will receive is 1-2 Newsletters every month and they will be full of great content such as new products, blogs, events and whats going on at Turton Wines the shop & online and The Slaughtered House bar and maybe an odd exclusive discount code!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Receive 25 points for following each of our social media accounts.  Click the 'Follow Us' links in 'Earn Points' to connect to our social media

Online & Shop Purchases

One point is earned for every £1 spent.  TW Reward points will automatically accumulate when you buy online and from the shop.  You will be able to view your purchases in your Turton Wines customer account (great if you have enjoyed a wine and thrown away the bottle, just look it up and buy again) and view your points in your TW Rewards Account



Log into your Turton Wines Customer Account and click the red 'TW Rewards' button, then click 'Get Rewards' in the right column

At the top you will see your total points available to date

If you are eligible to redeem a reward, the amount will be highlighted with a green 'Get Reward' button.  Select the reward you wish to redeem and confirm.  Your reward voucher code will appear in a new pop up box.  Copy this code and use at checkout.

If you delete your copy of the code you can find it again. Unused Voucher Codes will be listed at the bottom of the Get Rewards page