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U'Luvka Polish Vodka Gift Pack 10cl



U'Luvka is a Polish vodka that is possibly the most awarded in the world, with over 70 international awards to its name. It is made with a rye, barley, oats and wheat derived spirit and is double distilled. Inspired by a legendary vodka created by Sendivogius, a famous alchemist at the court of King Sigismund III of Poland in the late 16th century.

Smooth and delicate, U'Luvka shows subtle and weirdly pleasing hints of rubber underlay on the nose. Smooth, rounded and clean. Very slightly sweet with hints of aniseed and salted butter. Oozes character making it perfect for drinking straight or in cocktails.

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This beautifully presented gift set includes : 1 x 10cl bottle in a gift box with two handsome glasses which have no bases, harking back to an old, royal tradition from 17th century Poland.