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Janneau Grand Armagnac XO



Janneau XO is a premium blend of eaux-de-vie coming mainly from the area of Bas Armagnac and Ténarèze using mostly the Baco and the Ugni Blanc grape varieties which are distilled using the Single Distillation process and to a smaller extent, the Double Distillation process.

The eaux-de-vie have been aged in large part for up to 30 years in ancient oak casks. This brings a true quality tasting experience, with a nose of leathery vanilla, impregnated stewed plums, cherry, kirsch, blackberries, dried chilli, cinnamon spice and cloves. Notes of cider apple fruit with floral violet, nutmeg, hazelnut, amaretto biscuit and freshly sawn oak finish it off. 

The intense, yet well balanced palate shows nice wood in the middle, with sweet, mouth-filling flavors that linger on to drying oak tannins, tobacco, quince, orange marmalade, almond, faint coffee and kirsch. The long, dry finish brings light cinnamon and peppery spiced oak with tobacco.