Vira Cabecas White Alentejo


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Grapes: Old Single Vineyard field blend (about 10 different grape varieties)

A classy ,rich and deep white wine from the Serra de Soa Momede microclimate area of the Northern Alentejo region of Portugal. Grapes are handpicked and undergo natural fermentation  followed by aging in old oak 225l  barrels for 12  months before bottling without fining and filtering. No malolactic fermentation.

It has a richness and depth that not many wines have with the balance in structure making it a tremendous wine. A weighty wine where lots of melon and honey come through on the nose and palate. Deep in flavour but with mass appeal as the acidity and minerality of it leaves a long lasting finish

 Food pairing: Matches well with a selection of poultry, game and white fish recipes. It is particularly well matched with white wine sauces with intense herbs such as marjoram and tarragon. Wonderful with warm root vegetables as well as with creamy textured cheeses