Vira Cabecas Red Alentejo


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Grapes: Single Old Vineyard field blend (about 8 different grape varieties)

A full bodied warm red wine from the Serra de Soa Momede microclimate area of the Northern Alentejo region of Portugal. Grapes are handpicked and undergo natural fermentation in a cement vat with 6 weeks maceration followed by aging in old oak cask and barrels for 21 months before bottling without fining and filtering.

Wonderfully balanced red with incredible aromas and depth, engaging aromatics working in harmony and perfect balance with nature. 

Food pairing: Matches well with a selection of cheeses and tomato based winter stews with warm spices. Lamb and slow cooked meat options. Aubergine, peppers and cumin dishes match really well with this wine. Be adventurous and try it with a bit of dark chocolate.