Vin Bouquet Wine Decanter Funnel with Filter


PRODUCER: Turton Wines
  • Height @ Lowest Point: 40mm
  • Height @ Highest Point: 80mm
  • Dimameter: 90mm
  • Opening @ Bottom: 18mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

The Vin Bouquet wine decanting funnel is made of stainless steel and incorporates a modern design, accompanied by a stainless steel domed filter, ready to catch sediment from the base of a bottle. Pouring wine through a funnel with a filter will allow your wine to breathe and reduce any cork or other sediment which is in the bottle from reaching your glass or decanter.

The spout on the filter is curved so that as the wine flows into the decanter or glass, it spreads across the decanter neck or side of the glass. This increases surfaces contact with air and promotes oxygenation, bringing out the full flavours of the wine. The funnel itself is fashioned from stainless steel to give a surface that will react naturally with the wine through volatilisation to decrease the sulphur dioxide content. This noticeably improves the wine’s aroma and taste.

Pouring Wine through a funnel achieves three very beneficial results:

  • Volatilization, or vapour forming, of traces of sulphurous anhydride, often present in many types of wine, particularly some younger red wines, is achieved thereby releasing the wine of extraneous and unpleasant odours.
  • Perfect oxygenation is obtained thanks to the ’fan shape’ the wine assumes as it comes out of the funnel and flows against the internal wall of the decanter.
  • Further oxygenation is achieved because the design of the decanter allows for a large surface of wine to come in contact with the air, when the decanting is completed.