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Tarquin's Twin Fin Spiced Golden Rum



Inspired by the coasts of Cornwall and the Caribbean, Twin Fin is the result of two years' creative experimentation. Tarquin Leadbetter, the maverick Master Distiller behind the World’s Best Gin awarded at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, has combined his experience of botanicals, experimentation and innovation to create this spiced golden rum.

First a secret spice recipe including orange and vanilla is distilled in a flame-fired Cornish copper pot still, then blended with Jamaican pot still rum and a light, column-still rum from the Dominican Republic. Twin Fin is then finished with a touch of Pedro Ximenez sherry for natural balance and rested over charred oak chips for a rich golden warmth. The result rum is both rich and smooth with aromatic spice notes, a touch of exotic citrus and a light smoky finish. Bold in flavour and excellent in cocktails.