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Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin



A modern take on a classic London dry gin crafted on the wild Cornish coast

Distilled with 12 hand selected botanicals including Fresh Citrus Peel and hand picked violets

Distilled in small batches in 4 copper pot stills.

APPEARANCE ~ Crystal clear just waiting to be poured

TASTE ~ Fresh piney juniper on the front of the leading to zesty lemon sherbet notes from the coriander, vibrant orange blossom from the fresh peels, rounded natural sweetness from the liquorice and an oily creaminess from the almonds.

NOSE ~ Like stumbling across a citrus grove in the middle of a pine forest. Crisp and vibrant. Touch of warm eastern spice from the cardamom and cinnamon. Floral notes from the handpicked violets and orris root

FINISH ~ Beautifully smooth and bright. Touch of sherbety sweetness while remaining classically dry and juniper lead. Big hit of oily freah citrus, giving it a full mouth-feel leading on to some gentle spice warmth. Lingering floral complexity at the end.


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