O'Donnell Moonshine Tough Nut


Tough Nut is a unique hazelnut liquor crafted from authentic high-proof Moonshine spirit fused with the flavour of hazelnuts, smooth caramel and velvety nougat, complemented by a dash of barrel-aged whiskey.
  • Hazelnut and fine caramel notes paired with a hint of nougat
  • Rounded off with a hint of barrel-aged whiskey
  • Natural flavours only | gluten free | vegan

Bottle size: 700ml / ABV: 25%

O'Donnell was founded in 2016, and they have been producing and selling high quality wheat-based spirits and liqueurs ever since. During a road trip through the United States the founders came across the fascinating story of Moonshine, and they decided to revive this infamous beverage with a modern twist and bring its legacy to the present day.