Gai'a 4-6H Rosé


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Agiorgitiko is a fragrant red wine grape native to Greece's Peloponnese peninsula. The grapes for Gai'a's offering come from a high altitude vineyard in the Asprokambos area of the Nemea PDO for profound freshness.  This aromatic rosé shows floral notes of rose petals and fruity flavours of pomegranate, strawberry and stone fruits. Appealing and vivid with lifted crisp acidity and wild cherry notes on the refreshing finish. Try as an aperitif, with light meals or East Asian cuisine.

Gai'a established their wineries in Nemea and Santorini in the 1990's, ensuring they were located close to their premium vineyards to bring the best of vine to bottle.  Nemea brings calcerous, stony soils (perfect for Agiorgitiko) and Santorini brings volcanic, porous soils (perfect for Assyrtiko). Gai'a specialise in these two indigenous Greek grapes and work to bring out the best in modern winemaking so that contemporary wine lovers can rediscover their charms.