Dugladze Krakhuna



As the wine that was the inspiration for Turton Wines' founding, Georgian wine continues to have unrivalled breadth. Widely acknowledged as the origin of wine as we know it, Georgia began production over 8,000 years ago and has sites of ancient winemaking with protected status from UNESCO. Famed for their ancient Qvevri winemaking method and the ability to not only produce superb red, white and orange dry wines, but superb and quintessentially Georgian semi-sweet wines of all types.  

For this wine Dugladze use the unusual Krakhuna grape variety native to the Imereti region and known for ripe fruit, honey, and excellent bottle ageing potential.  Low temperature fermented and unoaked, this full bodied wine has a golden straw appearance. It displays aromas of ripe yellow fruit, honey and floral notes with a pungent, highly acidic and crisp palate. Try with stuffed aubergine, grilled trout, nut pastries, hard cheeses, or even desserts such as salted caramel tart. 

Dugladze Wine Co was founded in 2004 and prides itself on combining traditional Georgian traditions, novelties and loyalty to the family business. They have vineyards across three wine regions: Kakheti overlooking the Alazani River in the Caucus foothills, and Imereti and Kartli nearer to the Black Sea. 

Many Georgian wines source grapes from small family vineyards, so ingrained in culture that they are a strong part of family heritage. There are several wine regions that hold 18 Specific Viticultural Areas held in high regard, with careful monitoring and low yields. The ancient Qvevri method is still in wide use. Qvevri are large clay pots, buried underground to their necks for perfect fermentation and ageing temperature, often with skins and stems for full concentration. This method is a key part of orange wine production.