Tarquin's Lemon and Orange Gin


The multi award-winning range of Tarquin's Cornish Gins uses botanicals that are meticulously hand sourced. Macerated with grain spirit for 12 hours in their alembic copper pot stills, before traditional distillation with a naked flame to collect the purest heart for their gin.

Inspired by the fragrant citrus groves of Italy.

Infused with juicy lemons and fresh orange peel overnight. To craft a beautiful gin that will transport you to the idyllic Southern Coast of Italy in a single sip.

Tasting notes:
Nose - Citrus Blossom, Fresh Marmalade & Lemon Drizzle  
Body - Wild Lemons, Orange Sorbet & Sicilian Lemonade 
Finish - Juicy Citrus, Sweet Yuzu & Zesty Blood Orange  

Pairs perfectly with:
Serve with a Fever-Tree Sicilian lemonade, orange wedge & basil

70cl - 40% ABV