If you are unable to attend an event get in touch asap.

Over one month to event:  Transfer your tickets to another published event should seats be available. Ticket price difference will either be refunded to e-gift card or paid by the customer. If there are no future scheduled events that you can attend, we can offer a refund to an e-gift card which can be used in the shop or bar. 

Under one month to event: We will do our best to resell your tickets. Should we manage to resell your tickets then we will offer you a refund to an e-gift card to spend in the shop, bar or on a different tasting date.  We do not offer refunds to original payments due to the time and effort required by our team to resell tickets. If we do not sell your tickets before the event, we are unable to offer any refund or transfer.


We do encourage you to transfer your tickets to friends and family.  We do not give physical tickets for you to pass on and all guest names are put on a guest list, so you will need to let us know the new guest name. 

Please remember if you choose to resell the tickets yourself and we do not have the name of the new guest, we will not be able to give them a seat.


To help resell your tickets we have a waiting list for each event and a general waiting list for all events.  We will make contact with all entries should a ticket be cancelled.


During covid we relaxed our cancellation policy to support everyone. Unfortunately this had a very big impact on our tastings and many were run at half or even less than half capacity due to cancellations.  A decision post covid had to be made to revert back to our cancellation policy to be able to continue to run tasting events.

We appreciate that the majority are genuine reasons for cancellation but we also receive requests for full table cancellations due to one person not being able to attend, cancellation due to forgetting it was booked, alternative arrangements etc.  Therefore made the decision to have one cancellation policy that applies to all.

As a small team we put every effort into reselling your tickets.  Contacting waiting lists, advertising on our website & social media and talking to customers in our shop and bar.  We want to resell your tickets as much as you do, as we really don't like empty seats. 

There are many costs involved in running a tasting event. Our presenters are WSET qualified and request a professional fee. Food and wine is ordered especially for the tasting.  Yes, we can sell the wine in the shop but we can't resell the half open bottles that would have been used at the event.  We also have to pay our wonderful team working in the kitchen and bar to run the event, not to forget the ever increasing running costs of the bar.  All these costs add up and cancellations mean running a tasting at a loss.

Our guests love the atmosphere at our tasting events and we have many guests who come back time and time again to enjoy what the night brings.  Cancelled/empty tables greatly effect the atmosphere. So we owe it to our other guest to create an event they have also paid for.

We do hope you understand and thank you for your small business support.

Turton Wines & The Slaughtered House