Loire Valley Wines

Loire Valley Wines

The Loire Valley has over 2000 years of viticultural history and this month we celebrate its longstanding and current contribution to the wine industry. Read on for a brief history and closer look at its key, unique appellations with recommended wines to match!

Franschhoek Valley - South Africa's French Corner

Franschhoek Valley - South Africa's French Corner

Franschhoek Valley literally translates as 'French Corner' and thrives on its history of French influenced viticulture. Lined with wine estates, it is proud to be a haven for wine tourism in the Paarl region of South Africa. We take a look at what makes this area so special with new ranges of the best wines to match.
The Marvel of Marlborough

The Marvel of Marlborough

A sure Mother's Day favourite, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc makes up around 85% of its wine exports. The country has produced wine since the 19th century, but it was the discovery of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the 1980's that really placed it on the world wine map. We take a look at why this remains an essential go-to wine. 
Terroir to Table-Turton Wines

Terroir to Table

The soils and site of vineyard plots can reflect beautifully in wines, especially when careful processing preserves and often enhances these attributes. The Reh Kendermann Terroir Collection has been created to do exactly this, working closely with vine growers to find the finest soils and cool climate conditions for each white grape. 
Wine of the Czech Republic-Turton Wines

Wine of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has more than twenty centuries of viticultural history. An inevitable slump due to the political climate post-Second World War lasted for several decades, but the last two decades have seen dramatic development and recognition in both the native country and the wider European wine market, with further outreach other continents on the rise. 
Touring Touraine-Turton Wines

Touring Touraine

The Touraine appellation sits in the Loire Valley of northwest France. Stretching approximately 60 miles along the River Loire from Anjou in the west to Sologne in the east, it's large size and diversity of terrain and climate means that many types of wine can be produced. We take a look at some of these exceptional wines. 
Great Gascogny Wines-Turton Wines

Great Gascogny Wines

We're feeling very lucky to have a great new selection of wines from the Cotes de Gascogne region. Our taste testings left us very impressed, and as one may well know, the French region is excellent for great quality and value. Let's take a look at what makes an exceptional Gascogny wine. 
Italian Enticement-Turton Wines

Italian Enticement

Ferro 13 is a winery that combines great passion for wine with a passion for creativity. With wines showcasing the finest from Northern to Southern Italy, Ferro 13 take after our hearts with an aim to bring great wine to everyone with a sense of humour, always keeping quality at the fore. 
Stars of Israel-Turton Wines

Stars of Israel

Winemaking and viticulture has been recorded in Israel since Biblical times, with wide influence from Morrocco, known for its mastery of French grapes and blends styles. The country's trade was virtually wiped out in the 7th Century before only beginning a return from the late 19th Century with the import of French grape vines and establishment of viticultural education. 
A Taste of Spain-Turton Wines

A Taste of Spain

One of two of the highest premium wine regions in the whole of Spain, Priorat is a small and tightly defined area of viticulture with a history of winemaking stretching back to monasteries in the 12th Century. Its regard is mainly due to the full bodied and concentrated red wines produced, mainly from old vine Garnacha and Carinena (aka Carignan).