The Richness of Rioja-Turton Wines

The Richness of Rioja

There are over 60 wine regions in Spain, but most people will immediately think of Rioja when choosing red wine and for good reason. Internationally renowned, it is truly in a class of its own. 
VIVA ITALIA!-Turton Wines


The best part of working with wine is sampling new grapes when expanding our selection. With over 10,000 wine grapes across the world, there are many to be sampled! Our Italian range has now benefited from two brand new varietals, as well as two classic that we fell in love with. Let's have a taste.
Terroir to Table-Turton Wines

Terroir to Table

The soils and site of vineyard plots can reflect beautifully in wines, especially when careful processing preserves and often enhances these attributes. The Reh Kendermann Terroir Collection has been created to do exactly this, working closely with vine growers to find the finest soils and cool climate conditions for each white grape. 
Strawberry Surprises-Turton Wines

Strawberry Surprises

Fresita Strawberry Sparkling (Chile 8% £9.85) One of our best sellers, this blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscatel stands out, with each variety fermented separately before blended for a second fermentation to obtain the final extra dry sparkling wine base. Finally small, freshly-picked, intensely flavored Patagonian strawberries (from the foot of the Andes) are added to the natural sparkling wine, making a wine full of intensity, refreshment and strawberry sweetness.