Carry On Carignan

Carry On Carignan

After a long and fruitful history, Carignan seemed to have passed its peak in the 20th century, but thanks to some dedicated winemakers, its true potential is being explored once again. In honour of International Carignan Day on 28th October this year, we take a look at why you should revisit this hidden gem. 

Stars of Israel-Turton Wines

Stars of Israel

Winemaking and viticulture has been recorded in Israel since Biblical times, with wide influence from Morrocco, known for its mastery of French grapes and blends styles. The country's trade was virtually wiped out in the 7th Century before only beginning a return from the late 19th Century with the import of French grape vines and establishment of viticultural education. 
A Taste of Spain-Turton Wines

A Taste of Spain

One of two of the highest premium wine regions in the whole of Spain, Priorat is a small and tightly defined area of viticulture with a history of winemaking stretching back to monasteries in the 12th Century. Its regard is mainly due to the full bodied and concentrated red wines produced, mainly from old vine Garnacha and Carinena (aka Carignan).