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Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday 12pm - 7:30pm

Sunday 1pm - 6pm




We ain't posh and we're certainly not stuffy, we just love our wine!
Turton Wines was founded by Brett Dawson in 2008. Firstly trading online and then opening a Wine Merchant Shop in Bolton in March 2011.

Brett's interest in wine began early in his life when he was allowed a glass of wine with the christmas turkey meal this made it something to look forward to on top of all the presents! This interest continued but was sparked again later in life when he tasted Georgian wine for the first time. Looking around there were no wine merchants in the UK promoting the unusual wines not readily available in the UK.
This growing passion for fine wines from unusual places inspired him to start Turton Wine Merchants. The shop is a pleasant experience with a zero tolerance to stuffyness and is rammed with new and very interesting wine varieties. As Brett says its a great place for those who usually just buy chardonnay and want a bit of a change. As well as the usual Spanish and French wines we have wines from Georgia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Morocco, Israel, Moldova and Lebanon too so a mecca for those wanting something a bit different. Wines from these areas tend to be great value too as the wines are unknown in the UK and so demand is not as great as for wines from France for instance.
All the wines at Turton Wines have been sampled and approved by Brett (and more often than not a few of his friends), sampling has to be the worst job in any wine merchants but somebody has to do it and Brett is ever a martyr to the cause!
We currently stock over 300 wines and spirits, so you can see the amount of enjoyable work which has to be undertaken to ensure we have quality wines for our customers.  The interaction with customers is paramount in the success of any business and non more so than at Turton Wines giving advice or just a chat over a taster on a saturday afternoon makes the whole process a very enjoyable one indeed.  
Brett would like to thank all customers for their support and hope it continues, please feel free to contact us on any issues which you may feel will improve the level of service already provided by Turton Wines.


"Dear Brett, thanks for such fast service.  Haven’t had anyone turn an order around so quickly before so I’m impressed.  I’ve been to Georgia before which was why I wanted to try ordering some wine from the UK.  I found you via the Guamarjos website.  Everything was packed so well, haven’t seen those expanded cardboard packers before either, so I’ll be recommending you.

Thanks again,


"Hi Brett,

Just got the delivery, everything in perfect order. I will make sure all my guests know about it.

Pleasure doing business with you, looking forward to the next time...

Have a great weekend,