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  • Try wines from unusual grapes

    From Saperavi to...

    .....Vranec, Valdeguie and Tsinandali. A change is as good as a rest!
  • Try wines from unusual countries

    From Georgia....

    .... to Macedonia, Morocco and Israel. Enjoy exploring!
  • Better the devil you know!

    From Bordeaux...

    to Rioja. Enjoy an old friend!

We are a Wine Merchant selling delicious unusual wines. Why not try something a little different? For instance Georgian Wines are our top selling wines. We also sell wines from Morocco, Brazil, Romania, Lebanon, Macedonia, etc. We currently stock over 300 wines and spirits, so you can see the amount of enjoyable work which has to be undertaken to ensure we have quality wines for our customers. The interaction with customers is paramount in the success of any business and non more so than at Turton Wines giving advice or just a chat over a taster on a saturday afternoon makes the whole process a very enjoyable one indeed.

Concept and Ethos

Why not try something a little different? From unusual grapes to unusual countries we've always got something you've not tried before. We seek out delicious wines made from unusual grapes and unusual places. Experience wines with unique flavours and history, and you can buy these wines direct from us, a Wine Merchant more than a bit of a difference! We'll email wine tasting notes with every order.....

We only select wines from vineyards putting extra special effort into growing their own luscious grapes and producing the finest wines.  As well as traditional favourites like Australia  and New Zealand,  we also stock wines from extraordinary countries like Georgia, LebanonBulgaria, Moroccoo, Uruguay and many others.

Our Lovely Shop

We’re lovely. We’re not posh, (you’d definitely agree if you met us) we’re not snobs we just love our wine. We have lots of spirits and beers too. So if you want advice, recommendations or just a laugh we’re here for you. We have wine tastings most weeks and they are a lot of fun.

Georgian Wine and Georgian Brandy Specialists

We’re a leading merchant of Georgian wines in the UK. Georgian wine names and bottles may seem a little strange, but the taste is truly unique and always amazing. Little wonder, people buy Georgian wines more than any other country from our website.




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