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Wine Decanting Funnel with Filter


PRODUCER: Turton Wines

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The Decanting Funnel with Filter is an invaluable wine accessory that assists in perfectly decanting and aerating your wine without spilling a drop. Serious wine enthusiasts tell us they reach for this decanting funnel when faced with a troublesome bottle.

Contemporary design, the Decanting Funnel is made of durable stainless steel. The curved spout ‘spreads’ the wine around the inner surface of the decanter for maximum aeration, greatly improving flavour. A fine mesh filter in stainless steel snuggles unobtrusively in the bowl, to capture unwanted residue and sediment found in the base of the bottle. The wine filter slides out easily for rinsing under the tap.

Stainless Steel

Why use a wine decanting funnel?

  • Avoid spilling wine when decanting
  • Encourage aeration, to release any nasty aromas and encourage a wine’s full flavour
  • Filter removes sediment and cork from wine