Wessex Alfred The Great Gin



Wessex Gin hails from the Wessex Distillery, and the spirit has been dubbed 'Alfred the Great', who turns out to be king of the Anglo-Saxons back in the day. The star botanical here is chervil, giving a slight aniseed flavour. In Anglo-Saxon times, it was believed that chervil strengthened the stomach when mixed with honey and a freshly ground poppy. We just think it tastes good here though.

The flavours that follow, pay homage to Alfred’s other attributes: the enlightening peppery coriander represents his appreciation of the importance of learning and scholarship and the citrusy end notes for his close association with Rome.

Recommended Serve

Perfect as a double measure in a Wessex chalice with a generous amount of ice, filled to the top with light tonic water and a twist of orange. 

Try a negroni, with equal measures of Alfred the Great gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Garnish with a twist of orange.