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Sleipnir's Honey & Treacle Mead



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In Norse mythology, Sleipnir (pronounced Sleep-Near) is Odin’s Steed. He is the child of Loki and is described as the best of all horses. This mead inspired by him is an original recipe built on the idea of the Loki recipe by using honey and treacle, instead of 100% honey.

This gives it a unique smoky/sweet flavour – think boozy treacle toffee in a glass and you won’t be far wrong! To be enjoyed at room temperature or warmed, it also makes an excellent cooking companion and goes great with meats or in gravy.

Free from: Gluten, Wheat, Fish, Dairy, Sulphites, Eggs, Gelatin – suitable for vegetarians

Ingredients: Water, Honey, Treacle, Yeast, Yeast Nutrient