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Samuel Gelston's Single Pot Still Whiskey



Samuel Gelston's Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey is made by a single distillery from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley, distilled together in a traditional copper pot still. Finished in Pinot Noir casks, it is a completely unique expression that is full of body and character.

Golden in colour with a nose displaying green notes, lemon-drizzle cake and cooked citrus. The palate brings walnut and candied pecan, cacao nibs and cereal, with a finish of chocolate orange and sweet breakfast porridge.

Since 1830, Samuel Gelston have been ageing, blending and bottling Irish whiskeys of the highest quality and innovating with exceptional cask finishes. Ranging from young Malts and Single Pot Stills all the way up to 28 Year Old Single Malt, from Sherry Cask to Rum, to Pinot Cask finishes - they represent the height of experimentation.