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Saignee Rose Gin



Named after a preeminent method of creating rosé wine, Saignée is a Rose Gin featuring a portion of Barolo red wine blended with the spirit and botanicals. Made with juniper, rose petals, violet flowers and fine Barolo (made from Nebbiolo grapes), the result is a blush hue and a floral, drying though subtly fruity flavour profile. 

Created by innovators Atom Labs, Saignee Rose Gin is exceptionally floral with prominent rose and violet, supported by berry sweetness and oily, piney juniper. Bone dry on the palate, it shows gentle rose, lemon peel, a burst of red grape and a hint of strawberry. Fresh and piney juniper lingers alongside floral violet on a dry, tannic finish. Serve in a Negroni garnished with an orange slice.