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No.1 Fairham Signature Gin



No.1 Fairham Signature Gin is a handcrafted, small batch gin, 100% vapour infused in a 60 litre copper pot still from their small distillery in Lancashire. Built on a juniper-forward base and layered with exotic citrus notes, this is a contemporary dry gin with a uniquely smooth finish, providing a citrusy hit with every sip. Perfect with Mediterranean tonic water and a slice of lime or lemon. 

The No.1 Fairham Gin range is named after the founders' home address in Penwortham, Lancashire. Each edition boasts a contemporary take on a traditional dry gin in its own unique way, always celebrating the juniper rather than overpowering it. Every bottle helps the environment as each buys one tree sapling for the Ribble Rivers Trust to be planted in Lancashire. 

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