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Naud VSOP Fine Cognac



The gentle climate and the favorable exposition of the vineyards on the Charentais hillsides are ideal conditions to extract the whole potential from these grape varieties. Once produced, the wines, still on fine lees, undergo a double distillation in traditional small copper pot stills on open fires. This process brings aromatic richness and roundness to the NAUD Family Cognacs. When finally placed to mature in French oak casks, the eau-de-vie ages slowly, under the benevolence of the Cellar Master who decides of their final blending.

Color:  Auburn with a luminous gold shine

Nose:  Elegant with a delicate hint of vanilla, completed by aromas of dried fruit and mild spices (cinnamon, nutmeg)

Palate:  Supple and fruit, moving onto notes of orange and peach, with a touch of oak on the finish. A soft and seducing cognac which will please the pallet of those who like it either neat or in cocktails

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