Mackmyra Mack Single Malt



Mack by Mackmyra is an artisanal single malt whisky made from only Swedish ingredients and a great way to introduce whisky lovers to the Mackmyra's exceptional range. Robust and fruit with a real vanilla and orchard fruit backbone, it shows bright, fresh character. 

Aromas of citrus and pear with a soft touch of vanilla oak and slight spiciness, herbal notes of anise, mint and vanilla. The palate is fresh and fruity with a spicy character of pear, citrus and soft vanilla oak before a finish bringing notes of sugar, vanilla and spiciness Great in cocktails but also straight or on the rocks.

Mackmyra was founded in 1999 and produced Sweden's first Single Malt Whisky. They produce their whiskies using classis methods with Swedish ingredients, following their desire to experiment and innovate.