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Infinite Session Lager 0.5%



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A new lager inspired by trips to Munich, drinking cold, crisp lagers in sunny beer gardens with friends.  It’s crisp and refreshing, yet full of flavour. 

33 calories. A signature complex malt blend, and German noble hops, including Perle and Hallertau.

An alcohol-free beer brewed with the same core four ingredients in your favourite regular craft beers.  Nothing weird added. 

Infinite Sessions don't remove any alcohol and brew using the same process as your favourite craft beers, just with some tweaks to ingredient levels, temperatures and timings.  With the aim to brew great tasting alcohol-free beers that taste like your favourites. 

They're always flavourful, light and not too sweet.

0.5% ABV

330ml Can

 Free from non vegan ingredients like lactose and non-vegan finings such as Isinglass