Garage Wine Co Single Ferment Phoenix White Pais Chile


PRODUCER: Garage Wine co
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Grapes: Pais, Carignan 

A unique white Pais (blanco de tinto) from Garage Wine Co., Chile. The single ferment series contains grapes from more than one vineyard fermented together in one tank.
Made from 2 small parcels of Pais (Truquilemu region) and Carignan (Purapel region), the Pais starts fermenting and is left outside overnight. A week later the juice from whole stem pressed Carignan grapes is poured on top of the Pais. This stacking is what makes single ferments unique. 

Clean aromas of raspberry leaf and red fruits along with balsamic notes and great purity. The palate is medium-bodied, fresh, clean and pure, with a bitter note that lingers in your mouth.