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Electric Spirit Co Achroous Gin



Achroous Gin was born to stand out both in flavour and design. Created with the heart and backbone of a London Dry, it's an electrifying, multi award-winning spirit of 7 carefully chosen botanicals. Juniper and coriander are joined by liquorice, angelica and orris root, sichuan peppercorn and fennel seed.  The end result is complex, modern gin with no artifical flavouring, glycerine or colouring. 

Huge floral spice on the nose underlaid with grassy notes and herbaceous hints. The palate brings a big whack of juniper, some woody qualities, gentle sweetness and earthy citrus. The lip smacking finish has resinous bitters laced with warm notes of delicate spice and sweet anis. To get the most from Achroous, serve simply with a light tonic and garnish with lemon, or pink grapefruit.

The Electric Spirit Co was founded in 2014 and was the first distillery to operate in Leith, Scotland since the closure of Melrose Drover 40 years previously. Starting as the size of a small kitchen with just a ten litre glass still, the birth of their flagship Achroous Gin has led to dramatic growth and an excellent partnership with the Port of Leith Distillery.