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Dr Eamers' Black Gin



The range of Dr Eamers' award winning gins are handcrafted in small batches at The West Midlands Distillery. Their original Dr Eamers' Black Gin celebrates the Black Country, where it is made. Traditionally distilled in a copper pot still, it holds a double hit of Juniper making it not only extra dry, but also naturally black and colour changing. The 9 key botanicals are macerated with this additional juniper and Butterfly Pea flower. 

The result is a gin that pours black and transforms to a reddish-pink when mixed with tonic. Aromas of juniper, rosemary and earthy herbs meld with sweet, floral wafts of violet, zingy citrus and warming spice on the palate, before a long drying finish. Serve in a classic G&T with premium tonic and a slice of lemon.

The Eamer family has been distilling spirits by hand for 3 generations, with the distillery founded in 2017 after years of crafting spirits at home by the founder. They stand by small batch, handcrafted spirits using the best ingredients possible, always innovating and developing new methods, skills and recipes.