Cervus Cepturum Feteasca Neagra Merlot



The Cervus Cepturum range of wines from Crama Ceptura are obtained from highly-productive grape vine varieties cultivated in specialised DOC-CMD areas and are all made to be off-dry. Their aim is for the wines to have harmonious colour and taste reflecting the terroir of the vineyard. Their semi-dry character and light corpulence make these wines appropriate for any taste and any occasion.

Their blend of native Feteasca Neagra and European staple Merlot uses grapes from their Dealu Mare vineyards with 6 months' ageing in oak. This brings a smooth, yet complex aroma profile of dried plums, blackcurrants and cinnamon. Rich and silky on the palate with soft tannins and an elegant, subtly sweet finish. Try with lamb dishes, curries, mushrooms, roast beef or blue cheeses.

Romania's Crama Ceptura was only recently established in 2005. Having embraced modern innovation in winemaking, it has risen in popularity with over 10 million bottles produced a year. They also produce the renowned Astrum Cervi wine collection.

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