Celler Del Roure Safra DO Valencia


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Grape: Mando 85 %  Garnacha Tintorera 15%

Safrà is another wine in the project based on the traditions of the Alforins area. Produced from the native grapes Mandó and Garnacha Tintorera. Unlike the other reds matured in earthen jars, the Mandó was harvested before it is fully mature and vinified in the old part of the winery in inox containers using indignous yeasts, with a third of the grapes being whole bunches. After fermentation, the wine rests for six months in the earthenware jars from the old Bodega Fonda.

This wine is fluid...with more akin to a white wine and more alive, with fresh and bright fruit aromas and a pleasant balsamic sensation.

Best with mediterranean dishes.