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Black Thistle London Dry Gin



A carefully curated blend of key botanicals, infused with locally foraged wild thistle and fresh, filtered Scottish water. Black Thistle fuse the cornerstones of traditional gin – clean, green juniper and warm, aromatic coriander – with their own blend of fragrant orris root, wormwood and wild thistle.

The result is a smooth, crisp and deceptively simple gin with unique characteristics. Juniper-led with deep herbal elements alongside crisp lemon and a warm pepper finish. A gin which positively sings when served with a quality tonic, lots of ice and a twist of citrus.

Black Thistle Distillery is based in Brechin, in the heart of Angus. Most of their key ingredients are sourced locally whether from markets or foraged, with a touch of carefully selected exotic botanicals for the perfect spirits.