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Atxa Gin



Atxa Gin hails from the Basque Country of Spain and holds a unique touch of pale blue colour. Distilled 5 times in a 130-year-old copper still, it boasts 21 botanicals including red tea, tonka bean, thyme, mandarin and chamomile. 

Earthy vanilla sweetness and notes of anise balance crisp juniper and citrus, with both bitter and sweet orange battling it out. Savoury herbs emerge alongside floral notes on the finish. Serve with normal or Mediterranean tonic, garnished with lemon or orange. 

Manuel Acha is the oldest active company in the Basque Country, the oldest family-owned company in Spain and one of the three oldest family companies in all of Europe. Despite nearly 2 centuries of progress, they have embraced modern breakthroughs and have produced over 200 spirits sold across the world.