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Akashi-Tai Ginjo Yuzushu



The Akashi-Tai range of sake from the Akashi Sake Brewery represents true artisan sake, handmade in small batches by their Toji (Sake Master) Kimio Yonezawa and his close team of trusted craftsmen. It is a prime example of characterful sake from the Hyogo region – the birthplace of sake.

This Akashi-Tai Yuzu sake liqueur gains just as much care and attention as their fine sakes, using the highest quality Yamadanishiki rice and spring water from the Akashi region. Exceptionally high quantity of fresh yuzu from Hyogo is pressed on arrival to preserve the clear aroma of this rare citrus fruit.

Supple and fruity, with refreshing aromas of grapefruit, it offers intense citrusy flavours and a sweetness that is perfectly balanced by the tanginess of the yuzu. The finale is invigoratingly cooling and aromatic. Serve neat over ice, as a sweet after-dinner treat or as a perfect base for cocktails.