Tastings from Our House to Your Home


Typically, but can vary depending on the style of wine or personal taste

  • Medium-full bodied oaked white wines: White Burgundy, Fume Blanc - Lightly chilled, 10-13 degrees
  • Light-Medium Bodies white wines: Muscadet, Pinot Grigio, NZ Sauvignon Blanc – Chilled, 7-10 degrees
  • Sparkling Wines: Cava Champagne - well chilled, 6-8 degrees
  • Light Bodies Red Wines: Beaujolais, Valpolicella, Pinot Noir - Lightly chilled, 13 degrees 
  • Medium Full-Bodied Red Wines: Red Bordeaux, Rioja, Barolo - Room temperature, 15-18 degrees


Using the right type of glassware that is clean, free from dust and finger marks will avoid any tainting of the wine’s flavour and enhance your tasting experience

  • Sparkling wine:  Best served in flute glasses. This shape enhances the effect of the bubbles (and the wine’s aroma) allowing them to travel through a larger volume of wine before bursting at the top of the glass
  • White & Rose wine: Require a medium sized glass so that the fresh fruit characteristics are gathered and directed towards the top the glass
  • Red wine: are best served in larger sized glasses. This will allow the air to come into contact with a larger wine surface and develop the aromas and flavours


Prepare the wine ready to drink, this can be done one of many ways

  • Open the bottle about 30 minutes prior to drinking
  • Pour the wine into a Decanter or a clean jug
  • or if you have one, use an aerator when pouring