Tastings from Our House to Your Home

Welcome to your home wine tasting!

If you have been to one of our tastings then you will have met one of our fabulous presenters and we hope that you can imagine one of our them stood in your room, talking you through the wines.  If you have not been to a tasting yet, then we look forward to welcoming you to the The Slaughtered House bar and showing you how it is done!

Our tastings are non-stuffy and full of interaction between presenter and guests, so if you have any questions during your home tasting pop them on an email and we will happily reply as soon as we can:  lovewine@turtonwines.co.uk

Depending how many are tasting in your household, we suggest the following 2 ways to taste your wine selection:

  • Sample a glass of each wine to compare one bottle with another
  • Split the bottles over several nights - trying one bottle per night

We have selected 4 great bottles for you to taste and your evening, just like a Slaughtered House Tasting, starts with a glass of fizz!  

Just like we say at our tastings, we will deliver your wine to you, but it is up to you to get yourself from your chair to your bed at the end of the night! 

Have a wonderful evening!

Team Turton Wines & The Slaughtered House



Global Malbec

Global Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Noir

Pinot Grigio

Unusual Reds

Unusual Whites



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