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Pinot noir is the most charismatic of all grape varieties, and without doubt the hardest to get right. When it works, though, it is sublime. No other grape has the same power of seduction, from its naturally delicate colour to the charming raspberry and cherry notes of a young pinot noir, through to the more gamey aromas that appear with age.

Old world: Burgundy is the spiritual home of fine pinot noir, producing wines with a silky texture haunting herbal, forest floor aromas that come with a bit of age. Germany and Austria tend to make light-bodied, cherry-scented pinot noir. 

New world: Cooler areas of the new world – New Zealand, the Pacific north-west and cooler areas of Chile – are best for growing this sensitive, thin-skinned grape. Expect a velvety palate, riper fruit flavours and less herbal aromas than you would find in European pinot noir.

Pinot noir is also a key Champagne grape, bringing depth, backbone and added complexity to blends with Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, to produce some of the world's finest sparkling wines

Pinot Noir as a plant is quite complicated and seems to have spread its wings, giving birth to several off springs of various Pinot Noir clones. In fact, there are 16 known, unique different types of Pinot noir grapes grown today. Pinot Noir is a popular grape that has become even more widespread over the past 40 years. Recent studies show that Pinot Noir is the 10th most widely planted grape in the world! Today there are a total of 117,358 hectares and more under vine of Pinot Noir cultivated all over the world.

Pinot Noir, the red wine grape of Burgundy, takes its name from a combination of the French word for pine, (Pinot), due to its tight, pinecone shaped, fruit clusters. The word Noir comes from the grape skins natural dark colour.

 Pinot Noir, due to its more delicate nature and red berry profile is perfect for many wine and food pairings. Pinot Noir matches well with duck, pork, veal, chicken, squab, tuna, salmon, and other meaty fishes.

Pinot Noir is often a perfect match for Asian cuisine. Depending on the dish, and its seasoning or dipping sauces, Pinot Noir works well with many sushi or Sashimi dishes. Due to its high level of acidity, Pinot Noir stands up to foods and sauces that are higher in acidity. Pinot Noir also pairs well with a myriad of different hard and soft cheeses as well.


Pinot Noir Grape



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This produces a fresh, fragrant and fruity Prosecco with gentle aromas of pear and apple. Pale lemon in appearance, on the palate it is off-dry with the hint of sweetness it retains,  with lively bubbles and an attractively crisp finish. Try with light canapes, antipasti, shellfish or soft mild cheeses. 
A ruby red wine with aromas of fresh red cherries, strawberry, bramble and floral notes. The smooth, silky palate brings beautifully balanced acidity, subtle tannins and a fruity finish. Try with game dishes, flavourful fish, vegetable dishes or goats cheese. 
A great example of a modern New World Pinot Noir, it shows a bouquet of dark plum, cherry, anise and toasted nut characters, underlaid with a hint of dark mushroom and dried herbs. Silky smooth, plump and elegantly composed on the palate with youthful fruit intensity, well-integrated tannins and a long, supple finish. Try with duck and mushrooms dishes, or serve on its own slightly chilled for a refreshing twist. 
Ruby-purple in appearance with bold aromas of cherry, raspberry and blackberry alongside vanilla meringue and toasty oak. Warming on the tongue thanks to subtle baking spice, with stone-like minerality rounding into a juicy, firm finish. Try with beef, lamb or game, salmon, or hearty stews.

Winner of Gold at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2020, this is a beautifully soft wine with gentle aromas of elegant red apple, raspberry, cherry and subtle leafy notes. The palate boasts good weight and structure, smooth tannins and a  supple, juicy finish with a hint of mint. Try with aromatic vegetable dishes, chicken or pork.