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Telavi Marani Kondoli 2005

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Grape:Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Qisi
Cellar Notes:A delicious fruity wine with a great unusual taste unique to Georgia
Appearance:Fresh, gently fragrant nose
Aromas:Fresh apple fruit and mineral flavours
Palate:Very balanced with interesting fresh fruit and mineral flavours
Serving Notes:White fish, salads and light cheeses


Telavi Marani

Founded in 1915, Telavi wine cellar combines the best of Georgian tradition with a modern outlook. Aussie flying winemaker David Morrison has been consulting here since 1998, bringing state of the art techniques to enhance rather than overwhelm Georgia’s unique wine heritage. The winery was transformed and totally re-equipped in 1997 and now owns 450 hectares of its own vineyards in the Alazani Valley in the heart of Georgia’s best known wine region of Kakheti. Overlooking the river, with an altitude of 200 to 500m and protected by the towering heights of the Caucasus Mountains, this is a superb location for growing grapes with sunny days and cool nights, and the winery even has its own nursery to ensure the quality of its young vine plants. Telavi uses the brand name “Marani” for its wines – which means a small wine cellar – regarded as a sacred place to Georgians as it is where the grapes are transformed into wine, a drink at the heart of Georgian culture and hospitality


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