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Jun 09 2015

Best wine tastings ever !!

New Wine Tasting Dates Announced ...

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Jun 04 2015

Summer tipplers?

Its summer and whats more its warm as well. Whats a nice tipple for a lovely summer evening. ...

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May 26 2015

Boring wine. Is it catching?

There's an old adage which states that if its not fixed dont try to fix it. Its one I've used a few times myself but where it doesn't work is in the world of wines. Supermarket wines have become similar and bland because its inoffensive and cheap. If they make money on this wine, guess what they are going to go for more of the same and before long all supermarket wines taste the same.  ...

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May 19 2015

New website coming soon

As a wine merchant its important for us to give our customers as much information as possible. Especialluy with our unusual wines from Georgia, Morocco, Brazil and the rest a good description of the wine is essential. Hence we have a new website coming soon to make this much easier for us. ...

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May 08 2015

macedonian wines get credit they deserve

With Stobi Zilavker being one of our favourite white wines I was delighted to see that columnist Will Young has listed the Stobi Žilavka as One of the ‘Five Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of’ in the Wall Street ...

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May 01 2015

Wine Tasting Schedule

New Wine Tasting Dates Announced ...

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Apr 17 2015

Its makeover time !

I've never been fond of reality makeover programmes, Changing Rooms gets switched off in our house. But I would have enjoyed watching the makeover of our old abbatoir into a wine tasting room and now into a fully decorated tasting room. Hope the guys in there enjoy their tasting tonight ! ...

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Apr 13 2015

New website coming soon for Bolton Wine Merchant Turton Wines

Turton Wines is pleased to say that a new website is on the brink of being launched. Its been a while in production but hopefully you'll find lots of features and benefits with the new site. Hopefully it can tell you all about our delicious wines from Morocco, Israel, Uruguay and around the world !  ...

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Apr 07 2015

Eclectic wines - the basics

Although we didn't set out to make rules when starting up Turton Wines (following the rule that all rules are thrown out the window after glass no 2) we have noticed that some general guidelines are followed whether on purpose or not. ...

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Mar 24 2015

Amazing New New Zealand Wines

 We always talk about our unusual wines from unusual places, but we often seem to forget that we do also stock the best of the best from the classics! ...

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Mar 23 2015

Few tickets left for Argentian and Chilean Wine Tasting Evening

Our wine tasting evening on saturday the 28th March is nearly sold out. If you like Chilean or Argentinian WIne this is the night for you. Theres only a few tickets left so make sure you book whilst you can. When it comes to wine tastings at Wine Merchants you know ours are the best !!


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Mar 18 2015

Host your own wine tasting?

Do you host wine tasting parties? Let us pick the wines for you? Give us some guidelines and we can soon sort out a package for you. ...

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Mar 13 2015

Popcorn and wine matching

 its not wine but its still nice. New in today we have Portlebay Popcorn! Five flavours of Kracklecorn, Crispy bacon and maple syrup, Chilli and lime, Wasabi and sweet ginger and Orchard wood smoked cheddar. Not sure I ...

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Mar 05 2015

Macedonia in the top ten wines once again

When you're're right. You always seem to know it! When we tasted our Macedonian wines last year we knew we had to have them! And from day onen they've been a big hit in the shop with the vranec being number one every month last year. So if you havent tried it you just have to! Dont forget the whites as well which are delicious. My favourite is the Zilavka but I love my unusual ...

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Feb 24 2015

The Joys of Being a Wine Merchant

There are many perks ot being a wine merchant but above all the pleasure derives from ones customers. We're fortunate to have a great bunch of people who love our shop for what it is. We tend to shy away from the snobs who look down at Moroccan wine and who wouldn't dream of trying Macedonian wine because its not from Bordeaux ! And so we tend to gather to us the like minded who enjoy something ...

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Feb 17 2015

New Georgian Wines Coming Soon

 This week we will be getting in a new selection of Georgian wines, some from our existing wineries, and two from a winery new to us, the khareba winery. ...

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Feb 05 2015

Wine Merchant with an American Slang

At Gnarly Head it all starts in the vineyard.  Their quest for outstanding Zinfandel led us down a country road into the heart of Lodi, California revealing a sea of gnarled, 35-80 year-old vines pruned in a special, mop-topped way called “head trained.”  True gnarly heads, these old vines yield fewer grape clusters with smaller berries than trellised vines.  These ...

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Jan 30 2015

Brazilian wines from Miolo Winery

 Giuseppe Miolo arrived in Vale dos Vinhedos in 1897, and invested all his savings in planting vines on a plot of land called Lote 43. Today, the CEO Adriano Miolo heads a company producing 12 million litres from four of the five wine regions, exporting 30%. The wines are suprisingly good and ...

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Jan 27 2015

Merry Mole Wines from Moldova

Moldova has a well established history of wine making, starting around 4-5000 years ago with a vineyard area of almost 150,000 hectacres. With around 50,000 hectacres for home production, the remaining 100,000 hectacres are used for commercial production. ...

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Jan 20 2015

Fantastic Mexican Wines at Turton Wines

Why not try some mexican wine from Turton Wines with the La Cetto range from the Cetto Winery in Baja California, ...

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Jan 13 2015

Try something different - Bulgarian Wines

When you think of wine, the normal countries like France and Australia/New Zealand pop into the mind, but rarely do people seem to consider Bulgaria. With a long history of producing wine, and at one point the second largest wine producer in the world, they certainly know their stuff. ...

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Jan 06 2015

Keep up that health kick with our delicous alcohol free wines

If its a dry January you're after keep the temptation for wine at bay with our delicious range of red, white and sparkling wines from Domaine de Fleur. These are amde form real wines and then the alcohol is gently removed leaving a great tasting wine behind (less the alcohol)


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