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Jan 30 2015

Brazilian wines from Miolo Winery

 Giuseppe Miolo arrived in Vale dos Vinhedos in 1897, and invested all his savings in planting vines on a plot of land called Lote 43. Today, the CEO Adriano Miolo heads a company producing 12 million litres from four of the five wine regions, exporting 30%. The wines are suprisingly good and ...

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Jan 27 2015

Merry Mole Wines from Moldova

Moldova has a well established history of wine making, starting around 4-5000 years ago with a vineyard area of almost 150,000 hectacres. With around 50,000 hectacres for home production, the remaining 100,000 hectacres are used for commercial production. ...

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Jan 20 2015

Fantastic Mexican Wines at Turton Wines

Why not try some mexican wine from Turton Wines with the La Cetto range from the Cetto Winery in Baja California, ...

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Jan 13 2015

Try something different - Bulgarian Wines

When you think of wine, the normal countries like France and Australia/New Zealand pop into the mind, but rarely do people seem to consider Bulgaria. With a long history of producing wine, and at one point the second largest wine producer in the world, they certainly know their stuff. ...

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Jan 06 2015

Keep up that health kick with our delicous alcohol free wines

If its a dry January you're after keep the temptation for wine at bay with our delicious range of red, white and sparkling wines from Domaine de Fleur. These are amde form real wines and then the alcohol is gently removed leaving a great tasting wine behind (less the alcohol)


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