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Dec 17 2014

Christmas Deliveries at Turton Wine Merchants

This year we're delivering right up to Christmas Eve if you've forgotten Aunt Shirley in Coventry. We're also delivering up to New Years Eve this year as well if you want something special to celebrate 2015!!

We are having Christmas Day and Boxing Day off though!

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Dec 09 2014

Turton WIne Merchants Christmas opening House

December Opening Hours for Christmas


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Dec 04 2014

Christmas WIne Tastings

 The Christmas ...

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Dec 01 2014

A question for the birds.

So Christmas is coming and its time to decide what to serve with the turkey. Turkey is a very low fat meat (hence the need to baste continually to stop it going dry) so nothing too heavy or tannin based.  ...

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Nov 28 2014

Mistletoe and Wine Merchants

Good King Wenceslas last looked out on the Feast of Stephen. When he went out into the snow he took with him meat, wine and pine logs. Interestingly the wine he would have been drinking was probably Bulgarian wine and definitely Eastern European being from Boheme a region thats now in Czech.  ...

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Nov 25 2014

Red wine, the January weight remover?

According to a 2010 study a light to moderate alcohol intake reduces your risk of becoming overweight or obese over time. In comparison with other drinks, this association was strongest for red wine. Apparently it stops fat cells forming and has a slight thermogenic ...

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Nov 21 2014

Unusual wine makes a great gift at Christmas

Christmas is coming, we all know it, but what to buy? For a wine lover theres two ways to go. ...

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Nov 20 2014

Dont forget Santas wine this Christmas, and dads, and mums and cousin Linda's

We all grumble about Christmas, the mad late Christmas Eve present buying rush. So take it easy this year with Turton Wines your Bolton Wine Merchant. Wine makes a great gift for everyone (except mad Auntie Betty who doesn't drink) and why not make it an unsual wine from Georgia, Morocco or Uruguay! They'll appreciate the extra effort. Plan in advance, peruse our website, come into the shop for ...

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Nov 18 2014

Turkish wines found here in sunny Bolton

Turkish wine has long shunned due to a religious ban on alcohol and scorned for its reputed poor quality, domestic wine has now found a place on Turkish tables thanks to the efforts of  local wine growers. ...

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Nov 17 2014

Georgian Wines a top seller at Turton Wines

Wine lovers have a great deal to thank Georgia for. It is widely believed that this is where wine production first began, over 7000 years ago. In fact, our word “wine" is derived from “gvino” – the Georgian word for wine. ...

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Nov 10 2014

Great new Indian Wines at Turton WInes

Soul Tree wine comes from Nasik about 2000 foot about sea level and is arguably the best terroir in Eastern Asia. It has huge historical and religious imprtance in India despite being a relatively small city. The wines. The Western Ghats mountains there oen of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. This location wa sbound to produce some spectacular wines. Matching food with curry can ...

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Nov 07 2014

Why Malbec??

As a wine merchant I always get asked what wine to choose when we go out to restaurants. The restaurant wine is usually completely different to what we sell so more often than not I've not tasted a particular wine but my line of choice is to say yoiu cant go wrong with a Malbec. ...

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Nov 04 2014

Uruguayan WInes - we love them

The great thing about working at Turton WIne Mechants is that there is always something to talk about due to the huge amount of unusual wines we carry. Uruguyan wines are very popular in the shop at the moment and quite often someone will walk in for an Argentian Malbec and walk about with a Uruguan Tannat or indeed a Gorgian Pirosmani or a Moroccan Bordeau style wine. But Uruguayan wine seems ...

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Oct 30 2014

Georgian Wines to get Cheaper??

Georgian wine dates back to 8000 BC and now Georgia has a free trade agreement signed this year the tarriff on Georgian Wine being imported into the UK will be coming down. Reduced prices? Possibly but more liely that the prices will not be going up this year. So good news all round and if you havent tried Goergian WIne (which we describe as 10000 years of experience in a glass) then nows the ...

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Oct 28 2014

Edoardo Miroglio WInes at Turton WIne Merchants

the wines from Edoardo Miroglio winery are always exceptional. Based In Elenevo in Bulgaria they have a unique climate. Based in the Thracian Valley where wines have been made for over 500o years. They have some indigenous grapes such as Mavrud and Melnick which as one of Winston Churchills favourite wines. ...

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Oct 27 2014

Customer satisfaction

There are few occasions that evoke such an emotional response as when you receive this image from one of your customers on twitter 


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Oct 23 2014

Brazilian WInes in the Uk

Brazil is known for many thing, sun sea sand Cachacha but not wine. Thats all due to change as interest in Brazilian wine is on the up. Thought it has vineyards closer to the equator than any other country this region produces table wines from two harvest a year !! ...

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Oct 20 2014

Bangladeshi Street Food and Wine Eveneing

OK so we've been officially told off its not a curry evening its a Bangladeshi Street Food and Wine evening. Apologies to all concerned ...

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Oct 14 2014

Great Moroccan Wines

Morocco is considered by many to be a “new-old” wine producing country. The history of wine in this country is very old – over 4,000 years. But wine making and vineyards on any sort of commercial scale appeared and disappeared regularly in that time because of religion, war, and other cultural factors. When Islam came to Morocco around 700 AD, the production and consumption of ...

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Oct 13 2014

Great news for Georgian wines

Legend has it that 8,000 years ago wine was first invented in the small country of Georgia. ...

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Oct 09 2014

New wine at Turton Wine Merchants this week

We love gettinga new wine and when one is as nice as this so much the better. This Rioja wine is made with lovely Tempranillo grapes from vineyards in Haro, Rioja, picked at the best moment for freshness, acidity and ...

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Oct 08 2014

Our top twenty wines in September 2014

Our Macedonian Stobi Vranec is on first place again though in a three way tie with Strawberry Fresita and a welcome return from our Giddy Goose Sauvignon Blanc.


Great two see Morocco and Uruguay in there too.

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Oct 08 2014

Top twenty wine merchants wines

Our Macedonian Vranec is once again at number one but this month was in a three way tie with Strawberry Fresita and a welcome return to stock from Giddy Goose. View Full Article

Oct 07 2014

Our first curry and wine tasting evening at Turton Wine Merchants

 Curry and wine evening anyone? ...

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Oct 06 2014

New wine tastings announced at Turton Wines

 New wine tasting dates for October and November.

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Sep 25 2014

New wines in from Romania

New in this week are three wines from Romania. ...

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Sep 11 2014

More fun wine tasting dates

 New wine tasting dates for October and November.

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Aug 14 2014

Best selling categories of wine

 This year to date we have sold

Red Wine 54.23%

White wine 32.46%

Champagen and Sparkling 9.19%

Rose WIne 4.11%


and its all been delicious !!


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Aug 08 2014

Top fifteen selling wines

Our top selling wines in the first six months of this year. Great to see Macedonian wines, Georgian wines and Moroccan wines in there. ...

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Aug 02 2014

Top 15 wines for July 2014


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Jun 10 2014



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Jun 06 2014

New Macedonian wine

Stunning new Macedonian white wines in stock this week. We have a Zilavker, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel and a Cuvee blend of Rkatseteli, Zilavker and Župljanka. ...

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Mar 20 2014

New Macedonian wine tasting

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Feb 20 2014

Wine tasting newsletter feb 15th 2014


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Feb 13 2014

Our new range of wines from the Edoardo Miroglio in Bulgaria are going down a storm!

From Melnik to Mavrud and Chardonnay to Pinot Noir the wines from Edorado Miroglio are stunning. Whether you like to try unusual indiginous grapes or classic varietals these are all well worth trying. The Edoardo Miroglio winery is located in the Thracian valley in the village of Elenovo, on 22 km. From Nova Zagora. The winery is surrounded by vineyards spreading on rolling hills, a ...

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